The Investigator of Attics

Illustrations © 2009 by Jackson Oliveira
Selected for the National School Libraries Program (PNBE 2011), by the Brazilian Ministery of Education.

A lonely and spoiled boy
and an elder Italian man:
could this relationship become a great friendship
that would last as long as they live?

After trying to find out what’s inside
the neighbour’s attic,
Eanes begins an incredible trip.
Mr. Butzen,
who was born in Sicily,
tells him amazing tales on the Etna volcano,
stories that are able to make him more conscious
of his own life.

One day, the boy couldn’t find Mr. Butzen,
who was responsible for bringing back the sight to his dad,
through a cornea transplant.

This involving and moving story
deals with friendship
and a subject people should talk more about:
organ donation.


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